Exclusive Interview with Karry G: The Ukrainian Vocal DJ Redefining the Electronic Music Scene

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Karry G, born in Kerch, Crimea, on June 6, 1990, is making waves as a vocal DJ. With a background in English literature and a lifelong passion for music, Karry has rapidly risen in the electronic music world, blending her singing talents with progressive, melodic techno, and house beats. We had the opportunity to sit down with Karry G to discuss her journey, the role of fashion in her career, and her future plans.

Personal and Professional Growth

Interviewer: Karry, it’s been over half a year since you started your DJ career. How has this journey changed you personally and professionally?

Karry G: The launch of my DJ career has been transformative. I’ve become more focused and dedicated, not just to my music but to myself and my team. This career has empowered me and given me a new perception of myself. I’m creating myself globally now—it feels like a clean slate.

The Role of Fashion in Her Image

Interviewer: Your fashion sense is impeccable. Who designs your outfits, and why is fashion important to you?

Karry G: Fashion is a crucial part of my identity. My designer, Aisha Milevskaya, perfectly understands my style and creates amazing outfits that help me stand out. Fashion is not just about looking good; it’s about expressing who I am and enhancing my unique image as an artist.

Musical Inspirations and Preferences

Interviewer: What tracks are currently on Karry G’s playlist? What kind of music do you listen to?

Karry G: My playlist is quite diverse—it depends on my mood. It can range from lounge music to pop to club tracks. I love exploring different sounds and genres, which helps keep my music fresh and exciting.

Modeling Aspirations and Challenges

Interviewer: You have an impeccable look. Did you ever consider a modeling career?

Karry G: Yes, I did! I even graduated from Alla Kostromicheva’s modeling school. However, my petite stature was a barrier—I was 4 centimeters short of the standard height for models. While I lost the catwalk, I found my passion in electronic music and DJing, which has been incredibly fulfilling.

Recent Successes and Future Plans

Interviewer: How have your recent releases been received in your home country and abroad?

Karry G: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Every release brings more appreciation from fans and peers, for which I’m extremely grateful. We’re continually working on new tracks and I hope to see my fan family grow even larger.

Exciting Summer Plans

Interviewer: What can fans expect from Karry G this summer?

Karry G: There’s so much new music in the making! We’re preparing new sets and videos. I’m excited for everyone to hear the fresh sounds we’re crafting. Stay tuned and follow me on Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube for all the latest updates.

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